Thrifty Thursday #23

It has been pretty hot around here lately but I still get out to the thrifts at least once a week. We decided to go one town over again and hit my two new favorite stores. The one with the “boutique” and the one where I find most of my Pyrex/Corelle/Corning stuff.

dream house collage

I thought this was going to be my worst thrift regret ever. Prince Charming and I had spotted this about 3 weeks ago and we both loved it. We looked everywhere for a price tag but couldn’t find one. I didn’t care, this thing needed to come home and live out the rest of its days with me. We took it up to the front and they told us they couldn’t price it, they would have to send it back to the warehouse and that I should come back every day until it came back. I almost shed a tear.

I went back and searched for this picture about twice more before I gave up. This thrift store is about 45 minutes away from us and it just wasn’t feasible to keep going to look for a picture I might never get. We would talk about the picture though. Prince Charming was just as disappointed as I had been. Then, today, I was browsing the aisles like I usually do when I spotted the edge of a funky green mat behind a framed poster of Justin Bieber that had been there as long as we had been going to that store. So I moved Bieber and there it was, just as beautiful as we had remembered. We began the search for the price tag and it was only $6. It’s home now, already up on the wall, and making me happier than ever.

Spring Blossom hook handled tea cups crazy daisy Pyrex Corelle

We also found these Spring Blossom hook handled teacups for $3. They were at the “boutique” thrift shop but oddly not in the boutique section. They were in the plain old kitchenware section. I was more than happy to bring them home with me. It’s a good day when I can find some Spring Blossom in the wild.

Total: $9

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2 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday #23

  1. I hate that policy! Seriously just slap a price on it and sell it already. Isn’t their job to make money NOT make a lot of money?? Annoying. Anyway glad your picture came home.


    • I agree. It’s funny though because I have had them price stuff for me at the register before a couple of times and they priced an item the same day I bought the picture. I think the policy has to do with people who take the price off hoping for a better deal.


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