Thrifty Thursday #29

This week I got started a little bit later than I am used to when I go thrifting. We had plans to meet up with our friends in the next town over and go out for Chinese food, so we decided to combine the trips. I found a few things that left me smiling in time to meet up with my friends.

Pyrex Spice of Life Store 'n See Container

I was wandering the aisles losing hope that I would find anything good when I spotted this Pyrex Spice of Life Store ‘n See Container. I squeaked and squatted down to pick it up really quickly. I paid $5 for her which is the very most I would ever pay for one of these, but I haven’t found one in a long time and I need to add more of these to my collection. I only have 3 more of these containers in various sizes so I definitely needed this one.

Pyrex 1 cup measuring cup

I also picked up a Pyrex 1 cup liquid measuring cup for $2. I have a few of these things but I have never been able to find the 1 cup size before. I always pick them up when I find them because they are very handy to have around.

 vintage egg separator

I also found this cute little vintage egg separator for 30¢. I like cute vintage utensils and I’m finding them harder and harder to find at the thrifts.

milk glass vase

I also picked up another milk glass vase for $1. I need a few more for my project but when I finish it, I’ll have to show you the results.

All in all this was a decent week. I found some stuff that I wanted and I got to spend some time with couple friends eating the best Chinese food around so I am happy.

Total: $7.30

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Thrifty Thursday #28

This week Prince Charming and I stayed in town and went to our usual thrifts. The car overheated a bit on the way home so that added an element of surprise to the outing but in general, it was our usual kind of thrift trip.

Forest painting

I almost left our first stop empty handed. I had poked through all the kitchenware and their table full of random stuff and hadn’t found anything. I had stopped looking at the art in this particular shop months ago because their prices are out of my range. Then when I was walking past the shelf, this painting caught my eye, I was in love. I love the colors and the composition. I was scared to check the price on the back so I closed my eyes up tight and asked Prince Charming to look for me. The price was $3 so it came to live with me.


I also picked up this milk glass vase for $1 for a project that I plan to do. I’m not sure if it is vintage or not but that doesn’t matter for my needs.

Total: $4

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Thrifty Thursday #27

Sadly, I didn’t find any pieces to add  to my collections this week but I did find some interesting and some useful stuff.

Pyrex beakers

I picked up these Pyrex beakers for $2 a piece. This is the first time I have ever seen any beakers in the thrifts and I might have overpaid. I plan to use them in the bathroom to corral cottons swabs, floss picks, and cotton balls.

boy decal

I also picked up this cute wall lettering to go over Prince Charming’s desk. It made me laugh and I thought the $3 I paid was worth it.

curtain rod

I picked up this curtain rod for $3. It extends out to be quite long and I thought it would be useful to have one on hand. You never know when you are going to need a curtain rod.

lamp harps

I also picked up these lamp harps for $1 each. I needed some to replace the different sized harps on the lamp bases that I bought earlier in the year. I didn’t realize until I had had them for a few weeks that the harps were different on each lamp but ironically I found the new harps in the same store where I purchased the lamp bases.

This week of thrift finds was decent. I got a couple things that I needed and a couple pieces to make my home interesting.

Total: $14

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Thrifty Thursday #26

This week’s thrift trip was one of my favorites. I found tons of good stuff at good prices and I got to hang out with a friend in the process. I almost bought a couch too, but I couldn’t find a way to get it home.

fork and spoon wall art

This is one of my favorite finds from this week. I have the large size fork and spoon already but I loved these small ones too and for only $2, I knew I had to bring them home and hang them in my kitchen too. I need more pretty things to look at while I am doing the dishes.

spring blossom bowl

I also found a Spring Blossom bowl to add to my collection for $1. I wish I had found more because I am sorely lacking on bowls.

colony/indiana whitehall  juice glasses

I was really excited to spot 9 Colony/Indiana Whitehall juice glasses. I have a collection of this pattern already, but this was the first I have seen them in a thrift store. I only spent 75¢ a glass so that is a deal I love.


I also found these 2 place-mats for $1. In the store they were rolled up and wrapped in tape so I didn’t know that there were only 2 but I’m ok with that. It’s just Prince Charming and I right now so 2 is the perfect amount.

drawer organizer

I also picked up this silverware organizer for $1. It’s pretty beat up but it worked perfectly to organize all the barware that Prince Charming and I have been picking up.

cupboard organizer

The last thing I picked up is the cupboard organizer for $1. Prince Charming is pretty skeptical about it and I haven’t figured out quite where to use it yet, but I will. I like to pick up organizers cheaply in the thrift stores whenever I can find  them.

Total: $12.75

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Thrifty Thursday #25

This was just a usual week for me but I ended up finding some good stuff, so lets get on with it. Please excuse me if my writing is a little off today, my brain feels more like word salad and less like arranging words into pretty sentences.

Snack and Nuts

I bought these snacks and nuts bowls for 50¢ each. I don’t know if they are vintage or new or whatever but I liked them and I wanted them so I got them. There wasn’t even that much grumbling from Prince Charming when I got them.

Anchor Hocking Candle Holders

I also got 5 more Anchor Hocking candle holders for 50¢ each. I was reading online that they may actually be glasses and I think that’s pretty cool. I might have to stop buying every one that I see, but for now, they make me happy and they may get used.


I also picked up this dictionary for 10¢. I wanted to get a cheap dictionary to take apart and do some crafty things with and you really can’t beat 10¢. I already have the perfect first project for this.

Pine cones

I also found these pine cones for $2. I had just seen a project on Pinterest that I wanted to try using pine cones and the next time I went thrifting I saw a bag of them. It just seems like it was meant to be. They are cinnamon scented, but the scent has mostly worn off which is ok by me. I don’t live in an area where I can just go and collect pine cones so I’m ok with paying for them.

Princess Frame

I also had to get this Princess frame because that’s who I am. It was 70¢ so it definitely had to come home with me. I’ll most likely spray paint it because I’m not really a fan of pink but it was cheap so it was mine.

Total: $6.30

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Thrifty Thursday #24

This week was fair to middling. The stuff at the thrifts were either out of my price range or not really what I was looking for. I found a few things to bring home though.

I work hard so my cat can have a better life

The first thing I found was this cute canvas picture quote thing for $3. It made me laugh and I think it was a little overpriced but we love our cat and so it came home with us.

One Spoiled Rotten Cat Lives here

We also found this embroidered picture for $2. I’m thinking a whole cat vignette might be in order. I’m not sure where I am going to put it but I will find a place.


We also found this shelf. I think with some pain it will perfect to hold one of my collections. It was only $2 and really sturdy so I decided to take a chance on it.

Total: $7

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Thrifty Thursday #23

It has been pretty hot around here lately but I still get out to the thrifts at least once a week. We decided to go one town over again and hit my two new favorite stores. The one with the “boutique” and the one where I find most of my Pyrex/Corelle/Corning stuff.

dream house collage

I thought this was going to be my worst thrift regret ever. Prince Charming and I had spotted this about 3 weeks ago and we both loved it. We looked everywhere for a price tag but couldn’t find one. I didn’t care, this thing needed to come home and live out the rest of its days with me. We took it up to the front and they told us they couldn’t price it, they would have to send it back to the warehouse and that I should come back every day until it came back. I almost shed a tear.

I went back and searched for this picture about twice more before I gave up. This thrift store is about 45 minutes away from us and it just wasn’t feasible to keep going to look for a picture I might never get. We would talk about the picture though. Prince Charming was just as disappointed as I had been. Then, today, I was browsing the aisles like I usually do when I spotted the edge of a funky green mat behind a framed poster of Justin Bieber that had been there as long as we had been going to that store. So I moved Bieber and there it was, just as beautiful as we had remembered. We began the search for the price tag and it was only $6. It’s home now, already up on the wall, and making me happier than ever.

Spring Blossom hook handled tea cups crazy daisy Pyrex Corelle

We also found these Spring Blossom hook handled teacups for $3. They were at the “boutique” thrift shop but oddly not in the boutique section. They were in the plain old kitchenware section. I was more than happy to bring them home with me. It’s a good day when I can find some Spring Blossom in the wild.

Total: $9

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Thrifty Thursday #22

I found a new piece for 4 of my different collections this week. I have never had that much luck in one week, but I guess this was my week.

Spice of Life counter saver corning corelle

One of the things I picked up was this counter saver to add to my Spice of Life collection for only $2. When I saw it on the shelf, I squeaked and had to check out the price before someone else scooped it up. This is actually the second one I have bought but it is in better condition and a price I couldn’t say no to.

I decided to check out a new to me thrift store this week and I was glad I did. The next 3 pieces were bought there. They have this section they call the boutique section where I found all of my pieces. The funny thing is, these definitely aren’t boutique prices. I love this place and I’m planning to add it to my usual thrifting route.

Spring Blossom Pyrex casserole 473

One of the pieces I found at the new thrift was this Spring Blossom Pyrex 473 casserole for $3. It’s in amazing condition with barely any utensil marks or scratches. It didn’t have a lid but I’m pretty sure  I have an extra one in this size laying around somewhere.

Bach bust

I also found this Bach bust to add to my bust collection for only $1.

Avon vase

I also picked up another blue Avon vase to add to my collection for $1. These definitely aren’t boutique prices and that makes me very happy. I love finding thrift stores that price their stuff low enough to make me happy.

Total: $8

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Thrifty Thursday #21

This week was an average week for Prince Charming and I. We hit some thrift stores, picked up some cute stuff for my kitchen, but it was kind of a let down after the best thrift haul of my life last week.

mug rack

I have always wanted a way to store my mugs and I love this rack. I plan on painting it up before I put it into use and finding a couple more pegs to fill the holes where the pegs fell out but I really liked this piece and for only $3 I had to take it home.

green pot

I also found this green pot to add to my thrifted cookware for $5. My kitchen is mainly green and I thought this would work well with the stuff I already have and I was excited that it still had a lid.

lobster and cactus cookie cutters

I have this random cookie cutter that my grandma gave to me that has lost its original shape so it looks kind of like Texas. I like to make Christmas cookies with it because I have an odd sense of humor and thought that cactus and lobster Christmas cookies would also be funny. For $1 I decided to embrace my odd sense of humor and just go with it.

Total: $9

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Thrifty Thursday #20

This week I had the best thrift haul of my entire life. It’s rather funny too, because Prince Charming and I were wandering the aisles and lamenting the fact that one of the cashiers at the thrift store that we were in had said that they tended to get a lot of Pyrex/Corelle in and we hadn’t really found any. Then I turned the corner onto an aisle I usually pay very little attention to and found THIS:

Pyrex Corelle Spring Blossom glasses Crazy Daisy

I forgot that these existed. I had never seen any in the wild before. I pick up a lot of stuff while I am out thrifting but Spring Blossom is what I will always keep my eye out for. I am now the proud owner of 5(!) Spring Blossom glasses for a buck a piece.

Pyrex Corning Gemco Spice of Life oil and vinegar cruets

I also found these Spice of Life oil and vinegar cruets for $3 each. I am always drawn to the Gemco pieces with chrome lids. They are my favorite. These had to come home with me.

Total: $11

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