Thrifty Thursday #10

This week Prince Charming and I stayed in town and hit our usual thrifts. I found a bunch of stuff and had fun doing it.

Snowflake Garland

I found some snowflake garland for $1. I like to pick up snowflake stuff for Christmas decorations whenever I can.

Green Bulletin Board

I had seen this bulletin board two previous times that I have gone and passed it over. However, earlier this week I found myself needed just such a bulletin board and not having one so I decided to pick it up if it was still there the next time I went. It was and it was half price this week so I paid only $2 for it.

Sewing Desk

On my way up to the cash registers to go pay, I spotted this beauty. I thought it was a desk and went to go investigate it. It’s actually a sewing machine. I loved the drawers and hardware but wasn’t sure I should get it. We left the store but went back 15 minutes later with Prince Charming’s brother to buy it for $40 and take it home to love.

Total: $43

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Thrifty Thursday #3

This week, Prince Charming and I went with a friend on a errand in another town. We still managed to get some thrifting it though. We picked up one thing at one of our thrift shops locally before checking out one in the town we had to take her to. I was excited to see a new store.

Daily Reminder Blackboard

I spotted this beauty on the shelf and knew it was going home with me before I even check the price. Luckily this Daily Reminder Blackboard was only $2 and Prince Charming loved it as much as I did.

Giant Key Wall Art

I have been wanting a giant key to hang on my wall for a few years now. I’m so happy I finally have one even though it was a little pricey at $5. I thought about spray painting it but I think now I’ll leave it as is and put it in my collection for a gallery wall. Hopefully soon I will have all the pieces I need for one.

Two Tiered End Table

This table has been at the thrift store the previous two weeks and I kept trying to talk myself out of buying it. I want a matched pair and I’m still on the lookout for one, but this table kept haunting my dreams. As luck would have it, it was still there and I brought it home for only $5.

Total: $12

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