Thrifty Thursday #26

This week’s thrift trip was one of my favorites. I found tons of good stuff at good prices and I got to hang out with a friend in the process. I almost bought a couch too, but I couldn’t find a way to get it home.

fork and spoon wall art

This is one of my favorite finds from this week. I have the large size fork and spoon already but I loved these small ones too and for only $2, I knew I had to bring them home and hang them in my kitchen too. I need more pretty things to look at while I am doing the dishes.

spring blossom bowl

I also found a Spring Blossom bowl to add to my collection for $1. I wish I had found more because I am sorely lacking on bowls.

colony/indiana whitehall  juice glasses

I was really excited to spot 9 Colony/Indiana Whitehall juice glasses. I have a collection of this pattern already, but this was the first I have seen them in a thrift store. I only spent 75¢ a glass so that is a deal I love.


I also found these 2 place-mats for $1. In the store they were rolled up and wrapped in tape so I didn’t know that there were only 2 but I’m ok with that. It’s just Prince Charming and I right now so 2 is the perfect amount.

drawer organizer

I also picked up this silverware organizer for $1. It’s pretty beat up but it worked perfectly to organize all the barware that Prince Charming and I have been picking up.

cupboard organizer

The last thing I picked up is the cupboard organizer for $1. Prince Charming is pretty skeptical about it and I haven’t figured out quite where to use it yet, but I will. I like to pick up organizers cheaply in the thrift stores whenever I can find  them.

Total: $12.75

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