Thrifty Thursday #15

This week Prince Charming and I only hit up one of the thrift stores we usually shop at. We couldn’t get out earlier in the day so the other store had closed by the time we got there. Luckily I was able to find some good stuff at the one store we did hit.

Multiple Picture Frame

I found this big frame on the top of a high shelf out of the way. It also didn’t have a price on it but I wanted it so bad. It can hold 10 pictures and I thought it would be perfect to use for pictures of Prince Charming’s unusually large family. He is the oldest of 12 children. I love his family and would like to do a picture project of them with this frame. I hope it turns out well. $5 well spent.

Paisley Decals

I love love love paisley. I have paisley curtains, paisley lamp shades, paisley bedding; so much paisley. When I found these wall decals for $3 I had to scoop them up. I’m not sure where they will be going yet but I am excited to figure it out. They also come in a bunch of colors, so that’s exciting.

Snowflake Plate

I also picked up this snowflake plate for 65¢ to add to my Christmas decorations.

Total: $8.65

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Thrifty Thursday #10

This week Prince Charming and I stayed in town and hit our usual thrifts. I found a bunch of stuff and had fun doing it.

Snowflake Garland

I found some snowflake garland for $1. I like to pick up snowflake stuff for Christmas decorations whenever I can.

Green Bulletin Board

I had seen this bulletin board two previous times that I have gone and passed it over. However, earlier this week I found myself needed just such a bulletin board and not having one so I decided to pick it up if it was still there the next time I went. It was and it was half price this week so I paid only $2 for it.

Sewing Desk

On my way up to the cash registers to go pay, I spotted this beauty. I thought it was a desk and went to go investigate it. It’s actually a sewing machine. I loved the drawers and hardware but wasn’t sure I should get it. We left the store but went back 15 minutes later with Prince Charming’s brother to buy it for $40 and take it home to love.

Total: $43

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