Thrifty Thursday #19

plaster lion headThis week was pretty stressful with the yard sale aftermath. I sold my old car at the yard sale so I had to hit the DMV to deal with the paperwork. Luckily it didn’t take too long so Prince Charming and I were able to hit a couple thrifts afterwards. We have been looking for a couch but we haven’t found one yet. At the second place I spotted this lion head. It’s pretty big and heave but I was very attracted to it. Prince Charming asked me the usual question of what I would do with it and I’m not sure yet. I would love to put it on the wall above our bed but he says that he doesn’t want it to come down in the middle of the night and break his face. I’m also thinking it would be interesting in the bathroom. I would really like to hang it from the front door like a wreath though. Is that even possible? Would it get stolen or broken that way? What do you think I should do with it?

Total: $7

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Thrifty Thursday #18

Life is getting busy busy busy around here. Luckily I have my thrifty Thursday to look forward to each week. I take an hour or so to browse through the thrifts looking for some pieces to come home with me.

recipe cards

I picked up a pack of 24 recipe cards for 50¢. Continuing our progress of cooking most of our own meals, Prince Charming and I have been looking into trying new recipes. I thought these would look good with the green metal recipe box I picked up years ago at an estate sale. I figure whenever we find recipes that we love, we can write them down for future reference. I’m always more motivated to do things when they are pretty and thrifted.

Vintage 70s Retro Desk Organizer

Speaking of being more motivated to do things when they are pretty and thrifted, I found a desk organizer for $2. It looks like wood but it’s actually plastic. This along with the paper organizer doohickey I got last week are making my desk look so nice and organized. I am really happy that I picked up this piece.

Fireking green meadow brownie pan

I also picked up my first piece of Green Meadow Fire King for $4.

glass pear swizzle sticks

We also picked up 6 glass swizzle sticks with pears on top for $1 to add to Prince Charming’s bar stuff. He really liked them and I did too.

Total: $7.50

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Thrifty Thursday #17

This week Prince Charming stayed in town at our usual thrifts. We found a few things that we loved at the right price.

Kitten Planner

The first thing I picked up was this 2015-2016 planner full of cute pictures of kittens for 30¢. I’m trying to make my life more organized and I figured this was a cheap find to help out.


I also picked up this metal spring like paper sorter doohickey thing for $1. I picked it up not knowing what it was and not caring. I wanted it bad. When I got it home I put it on my desk and put the kitten planner and a few notebooks in it and realized how useful it would be.

curio shelf

I also found this curio shelf for $5. I have always wanted one and this guy was the right price. I need to glue the door back together and a few other small fixes, but he is perfect. Sadly, every time I pick up a small shelf thing like this Prince Charming asks me what I am going to put on it. For something this cute I will find something to put on it. I think I am going to use it to store our candle holders full of shells that we get each time we take a trip there. It will be a cute way to store our memories.

Pyrex Corning Gemco Spice of Life Ketchup pump

When I saw this baby on the shelf, I squealed in excitement and quickly snatched it up. $1 for a  Pyrex Spice of Life ketchup pump was just too good for me to pass up. I love it.

Pyrex Corning Gemco Spice of Life sugar shaker

I also picked up this matching sugar shaker for $1.

hexagonal mirror

I also found this hexagonal mirror that I picked up for $1. I will probably end up painting the frame in the future to make it fit more with my stuff but I like it.

Total: $9.30

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Thrifty Thursday #16

Prince Charming and I are helping my mom get ready to put on a yard sale. It has been taking up a lot of our time and energy so we weren’t able to spend all that much time thrifting today. I did find some stuff though.

Anchor Hocking  6 in x 10 in clear glass casserole

We have been making an effort to cook more at home lately. A couple of our favorite meals need to be baked in a casserole dish and while we have a couple that we have borrowed from my mom, we decided it was time to get some big casserole dishes of our own. We picked up this 6 by 10 inch Anchor Hocking clear casserole dish for $2. It is the perfect size for manicotti or baking a couple of pieces of chicken.

My Pet Peeves journal

When I spotted this book in the kitchenware section, I knew I had to have it. I tend to complain and nitpick so it’s perfect for me. It’s called My Pet Peeves – An Inner Truth Journal. I got if for $3. I’m not sure if I will ever fill it out, but it has some funny quotes in it and I thought it would be interesting to leave on our coffee table.

snowflake Christmas stocking hangers

I had been keeping an eye on these two packs of snowflake Christmas stocking hangers. For a long time they were $7 each and that was more than I wanted to spend. Recently though, they repriced them at $3 a piece and I decided to grab them. In store they would have cost me $30 for all four of them so I really got them for 80% off. I was happy to pick them up to add to my snowflake Christmas collection. I am thinking about painting them sparkly white to fit more with my stuff.

Total: $11

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Thrifty Thursday #15

This week Prince Charming and I only hit up one of the thrift stores we usually shop at. We couldn’t get out earlier in the day so the other store had closed by the time we got there. Luckily I was able to find some good stuff at the one store we did hit.

Multiple Picture Frame

I found this big frame on the top of a high shelf out of the way. It also didn’t have a price on it but I wanted it so bad. It can hold 10 pictures and I thought it would be perfect to use for pictures of Prince Charming’s unusually large family. He is the oldest of 12 children. I love his family and would like to do a picture project of them with this frame. I hope it turns out well. $5 well spent.

Paisley Decals

I love love love paisley. I have paisley curtains, paisley lamp shades, paisley bedding; so much paisley. When I found these wall decals for $3 I had to scoop them up. I’m not sure where they will be going yet but I am excited to figure it out. They also come in a bunch of colors, so that’s exciting.

Snowflake Plate

I also picked up this snowflake plate for 65¢ to add to my Christmas decorations.

Total: $8.65

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Thrifty Thursday #14

This week Prince Charming and I went to a couple of our favorite thrifts with a friend of ours. We had a great time and I found a bunch of good stuff.

Embroidered Picture

We picked up this framed needlework picture thing. I love the colors and the work that went into it and it was only $2. I’m not sure where it will go yet but I will be finding a place to hang it.

Green Box

I also found this green plastic box for 80¢. It matches the storage tub that I bought to store my nail supplies. I needed something to hold cotton balls and this is perfect. Plus it was only 80¢.

Anchor Hocking Green Milano Lido Ice Cream Dish

I also picked up this Anchor Hocking Green Milano Lido ice cream dish to add to my collection. This is my first ice cream dish so I was excited to find it, especially for only 80¢.

Syrup Pitcher

I also picked up this vintage syrup pitcher to put my homemade ranch dressing in. We prefer ranch and I refuse to eat the store bought stuff. It makes a handy addition to my kitchen for $1.50.

Wanda Mumm Picture

Wanda Mumm Picture

I also picked up these Wanda Mumm framed prints for $1.50 each. I haven’t decided whether I am going to keep the pictures or just use the frames for another project. Does anyone know anything more about Wanda Mumm or have an opinion on what I should do with them?


Recently I have become addicted to ice coffee, specifically the mochas from Jack in the Box. I would like to try to make it at home and so I started to look around online to see what I should do. I am going to try to cold brew and I thought this teapot with strainer was a good thing to try that in. If it doesn’t work out, it’s ok because I only spent $3 on it.

Total: $11.10

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Thrifty Thursday #13

This week Prince Charming and I headed out to our usual thrift stores again. The first thrift store we went to was having a pretty good sale and I got some really good deals. Spending so little on three items at the first place made me more picky about the second and I ended up not picking up anything at the second place. This is a thrift trip that I am very proud of.

green ashtray

I found another ashtray this week. We really liked the green color of this ashtray and the fact that it holds more, so we decided to pick it up. A couple people had commented after the last ashtray that I found that I would find tons of them now, but this is only the second ashtray that we have seen. I guess ashtrays just aren’t as common here. This one is perfect for our needs though and I figure that we can take ashtrays off our thrifting wish list. It was half off of $1 so we only spent 50¢ on it.

one cup metal measuring cup

I also picked up another metal measuring cup this week. It’s a one cup measurement, but it also has lines inside for all the other measurements too. Prince Charming was complaining that I didn’t have any sizes other than 1/4 and 1/3 cups that were too small so I was really excited to find this. This was also half off and marked 50¢ so I only spent 25¢.

Green Shelf

I also found this beautiful shelf. It was the first thing I picked up off the table and Prince Charming said that if I knew what I was going to do with it, I could get it. I told him that I was going to hang it on the wall and put stuff in it, of course. (lol) Right after I made this statement the lady next to us said she was disappointed because she wanted to get it. Sorry lady, this baby is mine. Sadly I don’t have anything small enough to fit on the shelf yet but I guess that means I will have to thrift some things for it and I will be happy to do so. This shelf was half off $1 so I got it for 50¢. 50¢ well spent in my opinion. I think the whole trip was full of good buys though.

Total: $1.25

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Thrifty Thursday #12

This week Prince Charming and I hit our usual shops and found a few things. Nothing really all that amazing but I did find some kitchen stuff that I will be happy to use.

wire stand

I found this interesting wire stand and I was just drawn to it. I’m not quite sure why. I mean it is gold but I will definitely spray paint it before I use it. I’m just not sure what I will be hanging from it. Anyone have any ideas? I had to bring it home for $2.

vintage rubbermaid pitcher

I also found  this vintage Rubbermaid pitcher for $1. I love having these pitchers around because they can easily fit into the fridge.

metal measuring cups

I also picked up a couple of metal measuring cups. They don’t match at all but I don’t really care about that. I like to have metal measuring cups because the plastic ones always seem to break or the measurement wears off. The 1/3 cup black one was 50¢ and the 1/4 cup copper one was 25¢.

coffee pot

We also picked up this really cute coffeepot because I was drawn to the little design on the outside and I love the $1 price.

bottle opener and cork screw

Prince Charming had to open a bottle the other day and he was complaining that the bottle opener on my can opener doesn’t work very well. So when I spotted this I reminded him that he wanted a new one and we picked it up. It also comes with a corkscrew which I’m sure we will get some use out of as well. It was only 50¢.

bar strainer

We also decided to add this bar strainer to Prince Charming’s bar stuff for only 50¢.

Total: $5.75

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Thrifty Thursday #11

Prince Charming and I headed out of town and hit what has now become our favorite thrift store. It’s the only thrift store where we have found any Pyrex or Corelle. Sadly, I didn’t find any today but I did find some good stuff for some good deals.

Silver Frame

We found this cute metal picture frame for $1.

Brown Zebra Print Martini Shaker

We also found this martini shaker for $2. Prince Charming has started to collect stuff to make a home bar and a home bar will always need a martini shaker in my opinion. I wasn’t too excited about the pattern or color but I he liked it so we got it.

Vintage Kitchen Plaque

We also picked up this cute retro kitchen plaque. It’s a little beat up but I like things that aren’t perfect. They have character. I will obviously be hanging this in my kitchen and we picked it up at half price for 75¢. You can’t beat that.

Total: $3.75

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Yard Sale Finds

This weekend I was way too tired to go out yard saling. I don’t go out yard saling much anymore either because Prince Charming doesn’t like to get up that early anymore. Luckily, my amazing mom saw some good stuff and picked it up for me. I may have to start yard saling again for these prices.

Corelle Spring Blossom Hook Handled Tea Cups Crazy Daisy Pyrex

She picked up two Corelle Spring Blossom hook handled tea cups. I know I have a bunch of these but I always appreciate more.

Pyrex Spring Blossom Mugs Crazy Daisy Corelle

She also picked up four Pyrex Crazy Daisy mugs. Before she picked these up for me, I only had three Pyrex mugs and one Corelle mug. I definitely need to find more mugs.

Pyrex Spring Blossom Round Butter Dish Corelle Crazy Daisy

She also got a Pyrex Crazy Daisy round butter dish without a lid. I now have three of these and only one lid. The lids are hard to find.

She managed to pick all seven of the pieces up at the amazing price of $2.50 for the lot. I’m excited to have all these new pieces in my collection.

Total: $2.50

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