Thrifty Thursday #25

This was just a usual week for me but I ended up finding some good stuff, so lets get on with it. Please excuse me if my writing is a little off today, my brain feels more like word salad and less like arranging words into pretty sentences.

Snack and Nuts

I bought these snacks and nuts bowls for 50¢ each. I don’t know if they are vintage or new or whatever but I liked them and I wanted them so I got them. There wasn’t even that much grumbling from Prince Charming when I got them.

Anchor Hocking Candle Holders

I also got 5 more Anchor Hocking candle holders for 50¢ each. I was reading online that they may actually be glasses and I think that’s pretty cool. I might have to stop buying every one that I see, but for now, they make me happy and they may get used.


I also picked up this dictionary for 10¢. I wanted to get a cheap dictionary to take apart and do some crafty things with and you really can’t beat 10¢. I already have the perfect first project for this.

Pine cones

I also found these pine cones for $2. I had just seen a project on Pinterest that I wanted to try using pine cones and the next time I went thrifting I saw a bag of them. It just seems like it was meant to be. They are cinnamon scented, but the scent has mostly worn off which is ok by me. I don’t live in an area where I can just go and collect pine cones so I’m ok with paying for them.

Princess Frame

I also had to get this Princess frame because that’s who I am. It was 70¢ so it definitely had to come home with me. I’ll most likely spray paint it because I’m not really a fan of pink but it was cheap so it was mine.

Total: $6.30

Linking up with Thrifter Share and Vintage Bliss Tuesdays.


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