Thrifty Thursday #17

This week Prince Charming stayed in town at our usual thrifts. We found a few things that we loved at the right price.

Kitten Planner

The first thing I picked up was this 2015-2016 planner full of cute pictures of kittens for 30¢. I’m trying to make my life more organized and I figured this was a cheap find to help out.


I also picked up this metal spring like paper sorter doohickey thing for $1. I picked it up not knowing what it was and not caring. I wanted it bad. When I got it home I put it on my desk and put the kitten planner and a few notebooks in it and realized how useful it would be.

curio shelf

I also found this curio shelf for $5. I have always wanted one and this guy was the right price. I need to glue the door back together and a few other small fixes, but he is perfect. Sadly, every time I pick up a small shelf thing like this Prince Charming asks me what I am going to put on it. For something this cute I will find something to put on it. I think I am going to use it to store our candle holders full of shells that we get each time we take a trip there. It will be a cute way to store our memories.

Pyrex Corning Gemco Spice of Life Ketchup pump

When I saw this baby on the shelf, I squealed in excitement and quickly snatched it up. $1 for a  Pyrex Spice of Life ketchup pump was just too good for me to pass up. I love it.

Pyrex Corning Gemco Spice of Life sugar shaker

I also picked up this matching sugar shaker for $1.

hexagonal mirror

I also found this hexagonal mirror that I picked up for $1. I will probably end up painting the frame in the future to make it fit more with my stuff but I like it.

Total: $9.30

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