Thrifty Thursday #14

This week Prince Charming and I went to a couple of our favorite thrifts with a friend of ours. We had a great time and I found a bunch of good stuff.

Embroidered Picture

We picked up this framed needlework picture thing. I love the colors and the work that went into it and it was only $2. I’m not sure where it will go yet but I will be finding a place to hang it.

Green Box

I also found this green plastic box for 80¢. It matches the storage tub that I bought to store my nail supplies. I needed something to hold cotton balls and this is perfect. Plus it was only 80¢.

Anchor Hocking Green Milano Lido Ice Cream Dish

I also picked up this Anchor Hocking Green Milano Lido ice cream dish to add to my collection. This is my first ice cream dish so I was excited to find it, especially for only 80¢.

Syrup Pitcher

I also picked up this vintage syrup pitcher to put my homemade ranch dressing in. We prefer ranch and I refuse to eat the store bought stuff. It makes a handy addition to my kitchen for $1.50.

Wanda Mumm Picture

Wanda Mumm Picture

I also picked up these Wanda Mumm framed prints for $1.50 each. I haven’t decided whether I am going to keep the pictures or just use the frames for another project. Does anyone know anything more about Wanda Mumm or have an opinion on what I should do with them?


Recently I have become addicted to ice coffee, specifically the mochas from Jack in the Box. I would like to try to make it at home and so I started to look around online to see what I should do. I am going to try to cold brew and I thought this teapot with strainer was a good thing to try that in. If it doesn’t work out, it’s ok because I only spent $3 on it.

Total: $11.10

Linking up with Thrifter Share and Vintage Bliss Tuesdays.


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