Thrifty Thursday #12

This week Prince Charming and I hit our usual shops and found a few things. Nothing really all that amazing but I did find some kitchen stuff that I will be happy to use.

wire stand

I found this interesting wire stand and I was just drawn to it. I’m not quite sure why. I mean it is gold but I will definitely spray paint it before I use it. I’m just not sure what I will be hanging from it. Anyone have any ideas? I had to bring it home for $2.

vintage rubbermaid pitcher

I also found  this vintage Rubbermaid pitcher for $1. I love having these pitchers around because they can easily fit into the fridge.

metal measuring cups

I also picked up a couple of metal measuring cups. They don’t match at all but I don’t really care about that. I like to have metal measuring cups because the plastic ones always seem to break or the measurement wears off. The 1/3 cup black one was 50¢ and the 1/4 cup copper one was 25¢.

coffee pot

We also picked up this really cute coffeepot because I was drawn to the little design on the outside and I love the $1 price.

bottle opener and cork screw

Prince Charming had to open a bottle the other day and he was complaining that the bottle opener on my can opener doesn’t work very well. So when I spotted this I reminded him that he wanted a new one and we picked it up. It also comes with a corkscrew which I’m sure we will get some use out of as well. It was only 50¢.

bar strainer

We also decided to add this bar strainer to Prince Charming’s bar stuff for only 50¢.

Total: $5.75

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2 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday #12

  1. I had a little tree like that, it was painted blackish and it had clips on it for Christmas cards. So I hung small ornaments off it and put cards on the tops of the hooks-it looked really cute that way!


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