Thrifty Thursday #11

Prince Charming and I headed out of town and hit what has now become our favorite thrift store. It’s the only thrift store where we have found any Pyrex or Corelle. Sadly, I didn’t find any today but I did find some good stuff for some good deals.

Silver Frame

We found this cute metal picture frame for $1.

Brown Zebra Print Martini Shaker

We also found this martini shaker for $2. Prince Charming has started to collect stuff to make a home bar and a home bar will always need a martini shaker in my opinion. I wasn’t too excited about the pattern or color but I he liked it so we got it.

Vintage Kitchen Plaque

We also picked up this cute retro kitchen plaque. It’s a little beat up but I like things that aren’t perfect. They have character. I will obviously be hanging this in my kitchen and we picked it up at half price for 75¢. You can’t beat that.

Total: $3.75

Linking up with Thrifter Share and Vintage Bliss Tuesdays.


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