Thrifty Thursday # 8

This week Prince Charming and I went to 3 different shops. A new one that we love that is out of our way so we only visit if we have to do something in that area. He wouldn’t let me pick up a couple items that I wanted but overall, I love what we did get and I don’t miss what he wouldn’t let me get. He reigns in my shopping habits.

citrus juice press

I originally picked up this citrus juice press because I liked the color and the shape of it,  but I wasn’t sure about spending $3 on it. Prince Charming really wanted it though so it ended up coming home with us.

magazine files

I did find two magazine files that I wanted for a project that i am planning on doing. I hope the lime green color works with my project but for $1 a piece I decided to take the risk.

Total: $5

Linking up with Thrifter Share and Vintage Bliss Tuesdays.


One thought on “Thrifty Thursday # 8

  1. I use magazine holders in pantry to hold all the rolls of stuff up so I don’t waste a drawer on them
    : ) you can’t go wrong with a juicer either, you’ll use it just enough to make you happy you spent money on it…


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