Thrifty Thursday #5

Prince Charming and I had to go out of town again. We had to get a car detailed that we planned to sell, so we had four hours to kill. I actually prefer the thrift stores in that town anyway. And we managed to find a new thrift store we love to round out the day.

Corelle Spring Blossom Teacup and Saucers Pyrex Crazy DaisyAt the new thrift store we found, I found my first Pyrex/Corelle find of the year! Woot! Woot! I picked up six saucers for a dollar each and a teacup for 80¢.

Meow Picture FrameI also picked up new picture frame there for a picture of Princess Kida. I’m not particularly fond of the color pink, but I figured I can spray paint it to match our decor. It was priced at 60¢ but it was half off green tags this week so I picked it up for 30¢.

Crown Picture FrameI also picked up this cute crown picture frame for 25¢. It’s also destined to be spray painted.

Framed PrintI also picked up this lovely frame and print to spray paint and then maybe switch out the picture inside. It was $2 so I was totally excited.

blue vintage Avon vaseI also picked up this blue vintage Avon vase. I have a whole collection of these so I was excited to add another for only $2.

Napkin RingsI guess I was in a spray painting mood this week because I picked up 7 napkin rings for $1 to spray paint and use.

Wire BasketI picked up a wire storage basket for the bathroom for $1.

Ice TongsI also picked up these ice tongs for 60¢. Prince Charming had no idea what this was and when I told him, he really wanted it.

Total: $13.95

Linking up with Thrifter Share, Elizabeth & Co., and Vintage Bliss Tuesday.


3 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday #5

    • The thrift store I purchased the tea cup from had really strange prices like that but very good stock and service so I will definitely be going back. I love how spray paint can transform a thrift find so beautifully, inexpensively, and easily.


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