Thrifty Thursday #4

This week, Prince Charming and I went out of town to a couple thrifts. Both of them were Goodwill stores, but they were both very different. I found some good stuff though.

Princess Kida Bowl

I picked up a really cute bowl for Princess Kida’s cat food. She keeps knocking it over though. $1

Starburst Plate

I like to collect odd plates and hang them on the wall together. This one will go nicely with my collection. 75¢

Glasses Photo Frame

I have been rocking black plastic glasses frames for over 20 years so I definitely needed this glasses frame picture frame. So cute. $2

Wire Organizer

We also picked up a wire organizer for Prince Charming’s desk supplies. I think it was originally intended for outdoor dining, but it’s perfect for our needs. $1

Dish Organizer

This is my favorite find this week. It’s a dish organizer that makes my kitchen work so much better. Now Prince Charming and I don’t have to move stacks of dishes to get the size plate we want. It was originally marked $3 but it was 1/2 off on red tags that day so I got it for $1.50

Total: $6.25

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