Thrifty Thursday #2

Prince Charming and I managed to go to both of the local thrifts we prefer this week. I love the new stuff I picked up.

President Bust Figurines - Washington, Jefferson, Grant

I decided to do one last lap around the store before I left and I spotted these beauties. I paid $2 each for Washington, Jefferson, and Grant. When I peeled the price sticker off these beauties, I found out they were originally from the Dollar Tree. Oh well, I will spray paint them white and they will go with the rest of my busts.

Storage Tub

I had seen this storage tub the last week but I didn’t know what I would do with it. The next morning I woke up knowing I needed to have it to store all my manicure supplies. Luckily it was still there this week so I came home with it for $2.

Rose Shower Curtains

I spotted these on a random shelf and had to have them. They have a pretty rose and them and I love me some roses. There were 12 total inside, new in box for $1.60.

Total: $9.60


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